Do You Know Where to Find Your Plumbing Shut-off Valve?

A plumbing emergency can happen at any time. If you have a burst water pipe or one of your faucets starts spurting water, do you know how to turn off your water flow? If you don’t, a small plumbing emergency can turn into a large home repair. Water is constantly flowing into your pipes and plumbing throughout your home. If there is a break or other issue that water will keep flowing into your home, possibly causing thousands of dollars in damage, unless you shut off the main water valve.

Most homes have plumbing that has several shut-off valves and one main valve. The individual valves can be to larger water appliances like your toilet, washer and water heater. You may also have separate valves under your kitchen or bathroom sink. These can be used to shut off water to these fixtures when you need to do a repair or replace parts, or in case of a plumbing failure. Simple turn the valve to the off position and the water is stopped for that area.

When a pipe bursts or no shut-off valve is available, you need to turn off the water at the main pipe entering your home. If you have city water, this will usually be located at the front of your house or on the side nearest your water meter. For homes will wells, the main shut-off valve should be wherever the main pipe enters the home from the well.

The first thing you should do in a plumbing emergency is shut off the water to the fixture or use the main shut-off valve for the home. Then, call your local plumber for an emergency repair.

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