3 Important Water Heater Maintenance Tips

When was the last time you performed maintenance or service on your water heater? Many people never perform the needed maintenance and may be at risk of a water heater breakdown. While water heaters do not need much service, an annual tune-up can help prevent problems and extend the life of your appliance. Here are three water heater maintenance tips that can help minimize the risk of leaks and premature failure.

  1. Check the pressure release valve. The pressure release valve on water heater tanks is vital to maintaining the correct pressure. When the temperature or pressure become too high inside the tank, the valve releases water. This should be checked to ensure it is working at least once a year and replaced if necessary to avoid pressure build-up that can cause tank leaks or explosions.
  2. Drain the tank. The tank of a water heater can fill with mineral sediment that can cause damage to the inside of the tank. Draining the tank once a year can rid the tank of these minerals, helping your water heater last longer and run more efficiently.
  3. Replace the anode rod. Water heaters have an anode rod that attract minerals to reduce rust and corrosion of the tank. These rods are meant to rust and corrode, needing to be replaced every few years to continue protecting the tank.

Some homeowners choose to perform water heater maintenance on their own, while others call their local plumber. Either way, performing maintenance can help increase the lifespan of water heaters and prevent damaging leaks. If your water heater does need repair, call your local plumber for assistance.

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