New Trends in Kitchen Sinks

Design trends come and go, even for elemental fixtures like the kitchen sink. If you are bored with your old stainless sink, maybe it is time for a makeover. Some of the new options can add higher functionality along with some classic charm to give your kitchen a new look. Here are some of the more popular design trends in kitchen sinks for 2016.

  • Apron sinks. One of the hottest comebacks in kitchen sinks is the classic apron sinks. These resemble the farmhouse-style sink from years gone by, often made of porcelain or copper with a deep basin. These can be freestanding or incorporated with installed under a counter and offer a large sink with easy cleanup.
  • Marble or quartz integrated sinks. Instead of adding a sink to your countertop, many new stone countertops come with integrated sinks. Marble and quartz countertops can be designed with a sink, making a seamless transition for a flawless surface without interruption.
  • Prep sinks. Are you looking for function over fashion? Adding a prep sink to your kitchen can make cooking those gourmet meals a breeze. These utility sinks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and make it convenient for cooking and cleanup. Often these sinks are installed on kitchen islands for easy prep work or next to stoves for easy filling of your stockpots.

Ready to transform your kitchen with a new version of the standard kitchen sink? Check out all the newest options in both styles and materials. Talk to your local plumber to have your new sink installed correctly from the beginning and enjoy the look and functionality that these trendy sinks can bring to your kitchen.

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Hot Trends for the Perfect Kitchen Sink

Are you looking to update your kitchen? One of the focal and functional areas of your kitchen is the sink. This key element is where you wash your fruits and vegetables, fill your pans with water and clean up the mess after a fantastic meal. The boring stainless steel kitchen sink is functional, but if you want to update your kitchen, you will want to consider some of these hot trends in kitchen sinks.

  • Undermount sinks. For easy cleanup with a large sink for pots and pans, the undermount sink is a wonderful design. This works in kitchens that have solid counters like granite or marble, with the edge of the sink below the counter line.
  • Apron sink. The apron sink is reminiscent of the farmhouse kitchen, yet new versions give these old favorites a modern twist. Beautiful bamboo or classic porcelain are a few options to give your kitchen an updated style.
  • Integrated stone sink. If you are adding granite, marble or natural stone counters in your kitchen remodel, consider adding an integrated stone kitchen sink. These are seamless in design, creating a sleek, modern style for your updated kitchen.
  • Island prep sink. In addition to your new kitchen sink, adding a prep sink into your island is perfect for the home chef. This can save you time when preparing those large meals for your family.

Choosing the right sink can make a big difference in the style and functionality of your kitchen. Your local plumber can help you choose and install the perfect kitchen sink that will meet both your practical and aesthetic needs for your kitchen.

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Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen Sink

The outdoor kitchen has become one of the most popular additions to outdoor living areas. The backyard grill now has company, with many beautiful outdoor kitchen built with functional counters, cabinets, stovetops and refrigerators. But many are missing one important element: a kitchen sink. Here are some great benefits to adding a plumbed sink into your outdoor kitchen.

  • Save time. When you are grilling a great meal outdoors, you don’t have time to be running back and forth into the kitchen. A sink helps reduce those trips with water right there to help your create your fabulous meal.
  • Easy clean up. Keep that grilling mess out of your home with easy clean up at the source. Plus, you can clean pans and dishes as you go, making the final clean up faster and easier.
  • Sanitary. You want to be sanitary when you are cooking a big meal, especially for friends and family gatherings. Your outdoor kitchen sink gives you a convenient place to wash your hands with hot water while preparing your meal.
  • Douse that flame. If your grilling gets out of hand, it is always nice to have a water faucet right there to help douse that flame and save those steaks on the grill. Moderating the heat on a charcoal grill often needs a little water to help you cook low and slow.

Make your outdoor cooking experience easier and more convenient with a professionally plumbed kitchen sink. Talk to your local licensed plumbing contractor about remodeling your outdoor kitchen to incorporate a sink. Don’t forget to ask for a kitchen sink that includes a hand sprayer to make it even easier to clean those pans and grills.

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Three Strange Sink Sounds Which May Be Signs of Trouble

Normally, your sink is a relatively quiet fixture. Except for the whooshing sound of water going down the drain and the occasionally hum of the garbage disposal, it mostly remains silent. However, if your sink does start speaking up, it’s usually is a sign something’s amiss. Here are three strange sinks sounds that should get your attention:

Gurgling Sounds While Draining

A gurgling sink usually means there’s air trapped in your pipes. The cause can be debris from your garbage disposal which has created a clog that’s trapping air behind the blockage, or you may just need a vent added to your pipes. Either way, a gurgling sound is a good reason to call a plumber.

Whining Faucet

If your sink’s faucet makes a whining noise when it is turned on, there are a few different reasons for this noise. It may be something as simple as a loose washer or air in the pipes. It could also be a problem with the valves located under your sink.

Clinking or Thumping

A clinking noise when you turn on the water in your sink can be an easy fix. Most of the time, a loose washer which can easily be tightened or replaced is the culprit. However, if this isn’t the issue, it’s best to call a plumber to inspect your faucet and pipes.

If your sink is talking to you with any of these or other sounds, listen to what it’s saying and call your local plumber. Most issues can be quickly and inexpensively remedied, provided they’re caught before they become major problems.

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Top Trends In Kitchen Sinks

If you are considering a full kitchen remodel or are just looking to update your kitchen, what type of sink you want is an important decision. The sink is one of the most used features in your kitchen, necessary in almost every aspect of cooking a meal. Whether you are a self-proclaimed foodie who loves to cook or just a heat-and-eat kind of person, you will want a sink which offers the best features for your needs while adding style to your kitchen.

 Three Popular Trends In Kitchen Sinks

For a kitchen remodel, one of the first decisions you will need to make is what type of sink you will be adding. The size and configuration can affect the countertops and other aspects of remodeling your kitchen. There are many options available to homeowners when it comes to kitchen sinks, beyond the old one or two basin basic sinks. Here are three of the most popular trends on the market today when it comes to kitchen sinks: 

  • Deep one-basin sinks. Large, country-style apron sinks with one basin have become very popular in modern kitchens. These deep sinks allow room for large pots and pans, perfect for cooks who prepare meals for large families or get-togethers.
  • Natural stone sinks. Adding marble, quartz or granite countertops? Integrate your sink seamlessly into the design with natural stone sinks to match your counters This adds a modern flare with a cohesive design which adds elegance to your kitchen.
  • Prep sink. If you love to spend time in your kitchen, a prep sink will make cooking so much easier. Adding a small prep sink to your kitchen island or prep area is one of the most popular trends in contemporary kitchens. 

Regardless of what type of sink you choose for your kitchen, you will want it professionally installed by a professional plumber. It will not matter how beautiful your new sink is if it’s not plumbed correctly. Your local plumber can also offer suggestions on sink placement. and options which can be useful before you begin your remodel.

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Choosing a New Kitchen Sink for Your Granite Countertop

If you are shopping for a new kitchen sink for a granite countertop, a myriad of designs, shapes and sizes, colors and materials await your choosing. The options are almost limitless but there is more to consider than just artistic compatibility or whether it is aesthetically pleasing. Of course, you are concerned about matching that granite countertop but how about which sinks are scratch or stain resistant? Which sinks will last longer, chip or crack?

Style, price and durability should all be considered in purchasing your new sink. Stainless steel remains the most popular and today comes in a great array of shapes and styles. However, regardless of configuration, it would probably not blend well with the granite countertops. On the other hand, today you can purchase a sink made of granite composite which is the most durable sink on the market. Manufactured with extremely high-density rock particles on the surface, they are superior in scratch, heat to 535 degrees, and chip resistance. They come in many different colors and configurations; one will certainly complement your granite countertops. Granite composite sinks are typically installed as undermounts, which is the most requested by homeowners with granite countertops. Undermounted sinks not only look better but make cleaning easier.

Your local plumbing professional can help in narrowing down your options and guide you through the vast amount of selections, in choosing the kitchen sink that is right for your lifestyle, your home space requirements, and your existing plumbing and cabinetry restrictions.Installing a sink fabricated from high-quality materials means you’ll live with that sink for a long time.

Replacing Your Kitchen Sink and Faucet

Nothing can spruce up a kitchen like a new sink and faucet. If it’s been a while since you’ve shopped for sinks, you’ll be surprised and pleased by the many options available. Stainless steel sinks are still a good choice. Many people seem to like the look of porcelain but they are not impact resistant and are susceptible to breaking. Some sinks today are made of a composite material of granite combined with resins; these sinks are resistant to chips, cracks, heat and stains. When shopping for your new sink, make sure that it is the same size as your old sink or slightly larger; and deep enough to accommodate large pots.

Turn off the water, loosen the slip-nuts on the drain, and disconnect any plumbing hookups, including those to a dishwasher or garbage disposal. Unscrew any mounting clips under the sink and break through the sealant around the edge of the sink. Lift out the old sink and set it aside. Before actually installing your new sink, make sure that everything fits and that all the connections can be made. While the sink is still out of the countertop, attach the faucet, supply lines and basket strainer to the sink. Apply silicone sealant around the edges of the sink opening in the countertop. With the lines attached, lower the new sink into position. Tighten the new mounting clips on the underside of the sink after it is in place.

Reconnect the supply tubes, or water lines, to the shutoffs. Turn the water supply back on and check that your faucet is operating correctly. Make sure to allow the silicone sealant to set for several hours before using. A little overwhelmed with the process? Contact your local plumbing professional to ensure a professional kitchen sink installation.

The Advantages of Adding a Second Kitchen Sink

It is practically becoming a standard today for even modest-sized spaces to have two sinks.  Traditionally, second sinks have been used side-by-side as one bowl to wash dishes in and one to rinse in. With most homes today having a dishwasher appliance carrying the clean-up load, a larger sink bowl is now utilized primarily for cleaning of large cookware such as pots and pans. More often than not, one sink today is used for “storage space”; such as, dropping off dirty cookware or utensils in one sink, while continuing to prepare food or beverages in the second sink.

Adding a second kitchen sink is a definite plus, if not “must”, for those homes which have two or more cooks that prepare meals at the same time. Even if both chefs have separate duties, they will both often need the sink at the same time. Having two sinks will keep the meal preparation flowing smoothly, with the least amount of congestion.

A smaller second sink can be a useful addition to a kitchen island, suitable for rinsing and chopping vegetables, preparing beverages or hors d’oeuvres, or rinsing glasses while entertaining small groups of guests in conversation. Many designers recommend one large main sink and a smaller bar sink.  Of course, a second sink is always a welcomed necessity to a wet bar.  Sometimes an additional sink is added to simply take advantage of an outdoor view; especially, if the main work sink can’t be placed under a window.

Whatever your specific needs, your local plumbing professional can help you assess the perfect combination of sinks to complement your new, existing, or remodeled kitchen.

Popular Choices in Kitchen Sinks

The type of sink you purchase can entirely change the look of your kitchen. The choices available today are as varied as a person’s individual style. Many choices exist in shape, size and materials, including stainless steel, enameled steel, enameled cast iron, fireclay, or vitreous (glassy) china, solid surfaces and composites. Some have more durability and easier cleanup, versus an older-world traditional feel. Sinks to choose from can be self-rimming, rimmed, flush-mounted or under-mounted, and with or without an apron front. The under-mounted sinks are gaining in popularity because of the ease in simply wiping off counters into the sink bowls. Today, you can have varying sizes of sink bowls, one large bowl, two bowls side-by-side of equivalent size, or one large bowl with a smaller bowl, one of which may be connected to a garbage disposal.

Your choice may depend on the size of your family, how many hands do the cooking and preparation, and your practical preferences. Regardless of the type of kitchen sink you choose, consider going with a name brand. Such leading manufacturers tend to be more focused on the quality of their workmanship. Having established a reputation for attention to detail, they are more “consumer conscious.” Furthermore, they also will carry the most current trends.

It may be wise to seek professional help in narrowing down your options because, if you invest in a sink fabricated from high-quality materials, it can have quite a long lifespan; you’ll want to make sure that it not only meets the needs of you and your family, but that you actually love the look. Your local plumbing professional should be able to guide you through the myriad of selections,  help you choose the kitchen sink that is exactly right for you, and professionally install the sink for years of trouble free service.

The Pros and Cons of Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless steel has achieved the reputation of being a high-end material in kitchen appliances.  Many remodels involve adding a stainless steel sink as part of the new look.  As elegant and stylish as it may appear, stainless steel is not for everyone.  Here are the pros and cons of upgrading your sink.

The Good

One of the best features of a stainless steel sink is that it goes with any décor or color of appliances.  You don’t have to upgrade everything in your kitchen when you change out the sink.  It is also easy to clean and affordable.  Other benefits:

  • Doesn’t chip
  • Heat resistant
  • Doesn’t stain
  • Doesn’t tarnish

The Bad

While it sounds almost perfect, stainless steel is not right for everyone.  Here are a few reasons you might not want to get one.

  • It scratches
  • It can look dull over time
  • It can be noisy when you wash dishes
  • The finish can wear off
  • Can dent, especially the thinner choices
  • Seams can be difficult to clean

First, weigh these qualities to decide if a stainless steel sink is the right choice for you.  Then ask yourself a few questions to help you select the right one.  You’ll have to determine if you want a single or double bowl, what kind of mount you want, or if you want one that is built into your countertop.  You will also have to select the depth that suits your needs.  Then you can contact your plumber to have handle the kitchen sink installation so you can begin to enjoy the new addition to your kitchen.