Quick Fixes to Update Your Guest Bathroom

Is your guest bathroom in need of an update? Whether it is a half, three-quarter or full bath, you want a nice room for those who visit or stay in your home. If you are planning to have guests to your home, there are some quick ways to improve the look and function of your extra bathroom. Here are some fast fixes to update your bathroom before your guests arrive.


A quick paint job can make your bathroom look like new again. Choose a trendy new color to bring an updated style to your guest bath, such as blue-greens, berry-inspired colors and black/white décor. Bathrooms are small, and painting can only take a few hours, making it a project you can do in less than a day.

New Accessories

If you change your wall color, you will want to buy new accessories for the new look. Choose matching towels, soap dispenser, garbage can and shower accessories to match your new color scheme. Add some guest soaps, shampoos and hygiene items to make your guests feel at home.

Replace Your Fixtures

You can make a big difference in the look of your bathroom by replacing the old faucet, shower fixtures, towel racks and mirrors. Finishes like oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel are popular in bathrooms over the old shiny silver fixtures. Your local plumber can install your sink and shower fixtures to ensure they will work correctly.

It does not take long to give your guest bath an update. For more extensive remodels like a new shower, tub or toilet, you will need to plan for more time and have a professional plumber for installing new plumbing. Improving your guest bathroom can enhance the beauty of your home and add value, while leaving a favorable impression on visitors to your home.

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Top 3 Signs You Need New Bathroom Fixtures

The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in the home and one of the largest consumers of your water supply. Your guests visit this room regularly, making it important to keep it looking stylish; plus, you want to ensure you are not wasting water with older, less efficient fixtures. Here are three signs it is time to replace your bathroom fixtures.

  • Faucets leak or drip. Do you constantly have a shower or sink in your bathroom that drip or leak? While it may be something as simple as a washer that needs replacing in the faucet, it may be time to replace the shower or sink set completely.
  • Your water bill is high. Look at the amount of water your family uses each month. If it is too high, you may want to consider more efficient fixtures. The bathroom is a good place to start; replacing showerheads and your toilet with efficient models can save hundreds of gallons per day.
  • Outdated design. Sometimes, you just want a new look for your bathroom. Changing the fixtures in your bathroom is a cost-efficient option to improve the appearance. If the old faucet or sink is stained or outdated, opt for a newer design to give your bathroom a makeover.

If you are ready to replace your bathroom fixtures for efficiency or a new style, call your local plumber. Fixtures like your toilet or sink should be installed by a professional to ensure it is done right the first time. It can save you time and money in the long run to trust a professional plumber for your installation.

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4 Excellent Reasons to Install an Outside Shower

Have you ever considered installing an outside shower at your home? While it may not be a necessity, it can have some excellent benefits. There are occasions when an outdoor shower can be handy – consider these four benefits to an outdoor shower on your back patio.

  1. Dirty kids. Kids like to get dirty – it is one of the things they do best! But getting them clean can cause another mess in the bathroom, especially when they track their dirt and mud all the way through the house. After messy outdoor play, have kids rinse off in the outside shower to keep the dirt out of your home.
  2. Dirty dogs. Dogs need baths, but they can also make a mess inside. Outdoor showers are perfect for giving your furry kids a bath without messing up the bathroom. It is much more comfortable for them than an outdoor hose that only has cold water.
  3. After swimming. If you have a pool with chlorine, you need to rinse off after a swim to protect your skin and hair. Outdoor showers on your pool deck or patio let you rinse without tracking in water through the house.
  4. Have you ever taken a shower under the stars or in the bright morning sun? It can be an enjoyable experience, with nature as your ceiling.

Adding an outdoor shower as part of your bathroom remodeling project can be a wonderful, convenient fixture for your family. Talk to your local plumber about options for creating a shower area on your patio or pool deck. It can be an affordable addition that can make life easier and create less mess in your home.

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Adding An Extra Bathroom To Your Home

Many older homes were not built with today’s needs in mind. While homes these days tend to be designed with two or more bathrooms, many older homes only have one or one-and-a-half. Adding another bathroom to your home can offer convenience for your family, and is also an investment which goes a long way toward increasing the value of your home. Even if you don’t think you have the space, there may be areas which could easily be converted into a second or third bathroom. 

Bathroom Addition Ideas

Take a look around your home. Is there any space which could potentially be better utilized as an extra bathroom? The ideal locations will be near existing plumbing, adjacent to rooms like the kitchen or laundry room. Some ideas for spaces which can be remodeled to serve as extra bathrooms include: 

  • Closets. For a half-bath or guest bathroom, often a closet can be converted. Using the closet space, along with borrowing a little extra square footage from another room, can be plenty to add a small bathroom.
  • Pantries. Usually located near the kitchen, pantries can be a great place to add an extra water closet.
  • Laundry rooms. If you have a spacious laundry room, part of that room could be transformed into a bathroom.
  • Basements. Tired of running upstairs to go to the restroom from your basement living area? Although a bit more tricky, adding a bathroom down in your basement is possible. In many homes, it will require the addition of an ejector pump to propel waste up to your sewer lines. 

Before starting a bathroom addition project, talk to your local plumbing contractor. They can access your home and give you ideas about determining the easiest places to connect to your existing plumbing to add the extra bathroom you have always wanted.

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Pamper Yourself With A Luxury Shower

A hot shower can be one of the best parts of your day. Whether you’re trying to wake up in the morning or to clean and relax your body after a tough day, a shower can do wonders for both your body and mind. Why not take this wonderful experience to a new level by adding a luxury shower to your home? A bathroom remodel including a large walk-in shower with multiple heads at different angles can turn your daily shower into a spa-like experience while adding to your overall property value.

Luxury Shower Options

The trend in new showers is making them larger, with more shower heads. This gives you the option of having water flowing from several angles and sources, targeting multiple points for the best experience. One of the most common layouts is a large rain shower head in the center of the shower area, with several smaller shower heads positioned on the surrounding walls. This gives a full-body experience which just can’t be duplicated with a single shower head. Some other options that are popular amenities to a luxury shower include:

  • Music. Waterproof speakers mounted inside the shower allows you to enjoy your favorite music while relaxing in your luxury shower.
  • Bench. Add a marble or stone bench inside the shower so you can sit or lie down for a steam room spa experience.
  • Frameless glass doors. A frameless glass shower is the ultimate in contemporary design, and one of the most popular trends in bathroom design.

Everyone deserves a little luxury in their life. If the shower is your place to relax and unwind, make it even better with an upgraded remodel. Talk to your local plumber about how you can make your dream shower a reality.

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Mold In Your Bathroom?

Have you discovered mold in your bathroom? When excess moisture begins to collect, mold can often follow. It’s not only unsightly, but can become a serious health hazard for you and your family and can lead to major repairs down the road if not addressed. While mold can grow as a result of the moisture-rich environment of many bathrooms, it can also occur as evidence of a hidden water line leak.

You may need to contact a mold remediation professional to eradicate mold from your bathroom if it has become particularly severe. Still, cleaning the affected areas is just the first step and provides only a temporary fix. Mold has a tendency to spread quickly and deep below surfaces. If you find mold recurring in your bathroom, it’s time to contact your local plumber to schedule an assessment for possible bathroom plumbing repairs to address any leaks or sources of moisture. When this problem has been addressed, only then will you be able to remove mold permanently.

Your local plumber can re-tile or replace the grout in your infested shower, replace batheroom fixtures that are leaking and inspect your plumbing for hidden moisture sources in order to get your bathroom back “up to code.” Recurring mold can become a very real danger to your health and that of your family, which is why it’s so important to find the root of mold growth. With the assistance of a licensed and reputable plumbing professional in your area, you can find the source of unwanted moisture and eliminate it to prevent future mold growth.

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Is It Time for a Bathroom Remodel?

Is your bathroom showing wear and tear from years of use and abuse? Do guests and family members feel like they’re travelling back in time when they enter your bathroom door? Or perhaps you want to save on electric and water bills by putting in more efficient water and lighting options. If any of these scenarios describe your situation, consider a bathroom remodel.

A standard bathroom remodel can do wonders for your morning moods, home value and overall happiness in the room you use numerous times a day.

Depending on the extent of your remodel ambitions, you may want to hire a contractor or a plumbing professional. Doing so will establish a well thought out plan in regards to accomplishing your desired end result in a timely and cost efficient manner.

If you like a good challenge and have either the necessary skills or desire to learn about do-it-yourself remodeling, you can plan the entire project yourself and carry it out to completion. This may, however, involve such arduous tasks as removing moldy or rotting tile and wall structure, major reconstruction of plumbing and the careful wielding of a caulking gun. If you take on the project yourself, it’s always best to have a plumbing professional a phone call away in case you get yourself in a pinch.

Some people choose to mix and match their supplies by visiting numerous stores, purchasing paint, tools, fixtures, tile, and whatever else may be needed for the project. An easier and more popular option is to visit a store that sells an entire bathroom package all at once. This ensures that you have the “look” of a matching and well thought out bathroom, and lends ease to the remodeling process.

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Things to Consider About Installation of a Jetted Tub

There’s nothing quite like a long, relaxing bath after a hectic day. Unless, of course, it’s a long soak in a jetted tub. Carefully positioned jets massage aching muscles and create a sensation unlike any other. Before you purchase and attempt to install a whirlpool path, though, there are a few things that you’ll need to consider.

There are two different types of jets available: water and air jets. You should take the time to decide which will be best suited to your plans for use. Air jets allow you to add bath oils and salts to the water because it’s not recycled back through the operating system. Water jets, on the other hand, allow for adjustment and repositioning. They tend to be more difficult to maintain and do recycle water through the pump system, so most bath additives are a no-go. Both tend to have similar price points, so this decision will come down to pure preference.

Installation is one subject that you simply must take into consideration before making a jetted tub purchase. Manufacturers recommend that both air- and water-jetted tubs be installed only by experienced professionals. This is because both plumbing and electrical knowledge will be required in order to properly install a jetted tub.

Make sure that you’re working with a licensed and experienced Gwinnett County plumber, rather than attempting to tackle this project on your own. Even the handiest home installers can run into costly and potentially dangerous problems in an attempt to self-install a jetted tub. Consult a plumber in your area to discuss your options, select the correct model for your needs and make arrangements for a safe installation.

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Why Bathroom Remodels Are a Good Investment

Whether you are considering selling or remaining in your home for years to come, investing in home improvement just makes sense.  How can you go wrong by improving something that you own, regardless of the current economic climate?  If for no other reason, your home remodel project will make your home more comfortable and enjoyable for your personal use. Most people do remodel purposely with the intent of getting a good return on their investment; however, this cannot be expected right away.  It typically will take at least an additional year or two to realize a return of 80% to 90%. Of course, the longer that you remain in your home, the more money you can make on the initial investment in your improvements, as you allow the real estate market time to increase your property values.

For an overall return on investment, the Wall Street Journal rates bathroom remodeling as one of the top home remodel improvements to do. Is it worth the money to remodel your bathroom?  Remember that the bathroom is one of the busiest, most used, space in your home; as such, the constant use (combined with moisture) contributes to the development of structural concerns, like water damage, over time. The potential cost in loss of value to your home, should needed repairs go unaddressed, would, of course, be counterproductive to any discussion of return on your investment.

Do some research, set a realistic budget, and look through books and magazines to get some ideas. Also, check with a professional. Your local plumbing contractor can help with wading through all of the options available to you, and with helping you define exactly what you would like to accomplish.

Moving or Replacing a Toilet During a Remodel Can Create Problems

Bathrooms are one area of the home that frequently get remodeled. Sometimes the bathroom remodeling may include replacing the old toilet with a new one. Even if that is not the case, generally the toilet may need to moved out of the bathroom in order for the flooring to be replaced and wall finishes completed behind it. In either scenario, it is important to understand what can go wrong if you should happen to try and undertake this task yourself.

Not having the water supply shutoff to the toilet is a simple mistake that can have big consequences when removing a toilet. Make sure this is your number one priority.

One of the other problems homeowners can run into when removing a toilet from its seating can be rusted bolts. This can especially be a problem in older homes where the toilet has not been moved or replaced for many years. In attempting to remove the rusted bolts, one must also be cautious not to crack the porcelain if there are plans to reuse the toilet.

Once the toilet is removed, the flooring should also be examined for water damage. Leaky toilets can cause damage that deteriorates the subfloor beneath it. If this has happened, it will be important to replace the damaged subfloor before reinstalling a toilet in the bathroom.

The other problems that can occur during this process are during the installation of the new or former toilet. A wax seal needs to be installed before seating the toilet in place. Forgetting this simple step or doing it incorrectly can result in a leaky toilet. Tightening the bolts too tight when installing the toilet is problem you want to avoid. Over tightening could potentially crack the toilet’s base.

The safest way to avoid all these problems is to hire a professional plumber to both remove and install your toilet for you.