Plumbing Ideas for Your Outdoor Living Space

Do you spend more time outside than inside during the warmer months? If your outdoor living space is becoming more glamorous than the inside of your home, you are a true lover of spending time outdoors. You have the pool, patio and outdoor kitchen to make your backyard the ultimate oasis for your free time. But have you added plumbing to finish the process? Here are a few plumbing ideas to complete the ultimate outdoor living space:

  • Outdoor shower. If you have a chlorine pool, you need a shower outside to make it quick and easy to rinse off after a swim. Create a private area with cedar walls for the shower and you may want to use it every day.
  • Plumbing for your outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen has become a popular asset for outdoor living areas, but many are not fully plumbed into the water system of the home. Add a fully functional sink to make cleaning up and cooking your fantastic meals a breeze.
  • Cool water features. Add a waterfall, bubbling fountain or other water feature to give your outdoor area even more pizazz. It can help cool the air while adding a visual and audio backdrop that only moving water can provide.
  • Outdoor bar. If you love serving cocktails to your guests, adding a plumbed sink and icemaker to your outdoor bar will make you the ultimate host or hostess.

Bring your indoor plumbing outdoors with the help of your local plumber. With everything you need in your backyard, you may not want to go back inside until the winter weather rolls in.

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Reviving An Old Bathroom With New Fixtures

Even if you cannot afford a whole new bathroom remodel, just replacing the old fixtures can give your bathroom a facelift. There are so many new types of faucets that can transform a plain white porcelain sink or tub and give them an updated appearance. Add to them a few matching accessories and your bathroom will have a whole new look.

Think of your new faucets as the centerpiece of your new design. Whatever style and finish you use on the faucets can be matched in towel racks, hooks, shelves and even your toilet paper holder. Many manufacturers will make an entire line of hardware to compliment each other. So once you have the faucet sets, everything else will fall into place.

If you are keeping your existing sink, you will be limited to faucet designs that fit the configuration of your sink. However, even if that is the case, there are still undoubtedly many new looks to choose from. There are generally four types of sink faucet configurations:


  • Widespread, 8-inches, in three pieces. This is great news, as they will fit most 3-piece sets even if they are not exactly 8 inches apart.


  • 4-inch spread. These are typically one piece that holds the faucet and the 2-water handles. This type will limit you a bit more.


  • Single hole. These are meant for sets that have the faucet and levers all on one stem.


  • Wall or deck mounts. This will give you many varieties to choose from, as you do not have to conform to the sink itself.


Once you choose the style and finish of your new faucets, your local plumber can easily put them in for you to make sure they are fitted correctly. Then you can add your accessories to match your new faucets. You will be amazed at the difference just those small changes can do!

Plumbing Repairs With SharkBite Fittings

SharkBite fittings are a recent innovation in the plumbing industry that can solve problems and make many plumbing jobs easier for professional plumbers and do-it-yourselfers alike.  SharkBites are push-fit fittings that connect all types of plumbing pipes including copper, PEX, and CPVC.

SharkBites are an excellent alternative for homeowners who lack the skill necessary to sweat copper pipes.  Just cut the copper pipe to length and push it into the SharkBite fitting.  No need to fool around with flux, solder or a torch.  They work great for repairing a section of broken or leaky pipe or making minor modifications to your plumbing system.

Even a professional plumbers who are proud of their copper pipe sweating skills will find SharkBites to be a handy addition to the toolbox.  SharkBites work great when it is impossible to eliminate water from the pipe, in tight areas, or where using a torch would be unsafe.  Even a skilled plumber can have difficulty sweating a copper pipe that is full of water.

SharkBites are also very useful for easily connecting two types of pipe.  They make it easy to connect copper, PEX, and CPVC.  They are particularly useful for repairing or connecting old polybutylene pipe.

Polybutylene was taken off the market years ago due to its propensity to develop leaks.  In most cases, a repair consists of replacing the polybutylene pipe with copper or PEX, but sometimes it is necessary to splice in a section of pipe or to connect polybutylene with the new pipe.  SharkBite connectors make this job fast and easy.

Another advantage of SharkBites is that they are removeable which means they are especially suitable for temporary repairs or for use during kitchen and bathroom remodeling.  SharkBites are easy to remove without damaging the pipe and can be reused.

Kitchen Remodeling Done Right

An outdated or poorly laid out kitchen can really cramp your culinary style. While it’s one of the more expensive rooms to remodel in a home, it’s well worth the investment. Doing the work yourself might save you money up front, but think carefully before going this route; a remodeled kitchen that’s just as unappealing or impractical as the original, isn’t much of a bargain in the long run when you list your property for sale. Getting help from a professional kitchen remodeling plumber will ensure that the job gets done right the first time.

Whether you enlist a professional or not, your starting point should be some solid inspiration. Save pages of decorating magazines that appeal to you, then revisit them over the next few weeks and see which continue to do so and which do not. You may be impatient to get started, but tossing a picture is less expensive than tossing that tile you thought you loved but grew tired of following installation! Photos also communicate your vision to a kitchen remodeling professional more effectively than explaining simply with words.

No matter how good your kitchen looks, if it doesn’t function well, you’ll grow to hate it. The three primary areas of activity, the stove, the sink, and the refrigerator, should be positioned within a few steps of one another and shouldn’t have any furniture, cabinetry, or other impediments between them. A professional can be extremely helpful when designing a good layout, especially in small or oddly shaped kitchens.

Don’t choose cabinetry, flooring, countertops, or other materials based solely on their appearance; thoroughly research their durability and care requirements as well. Because professional remodelers work with kitchens every day, they are an excellent source for guidance on this subject. They can also offer tips for adequate storage, a must-have in every well-designed kitchen, and newer materials or fixtures with which you may not be familiar.