Common Plumbing Issues Businesses Experience

Any plumbing problem is inconvenient, but when it happens at your business, it can also be costly. Not only do you need to pay for a repair, you could be losing business or revenue until the issue is resolved. You cannot plan for a plumbing issue, but you can be aware of what problems can occur and how best to handle them. Here are some common plumbing issues that plague businesses and what to do if one happens at your business.

Backed-Up Toilet

Every business has bathrooms, some just for employees and others for both employees and customers. When a toilet backs up and overflows, it can cause a health hazard. In a public restroom, you may need to shut down your business until it is fixed.

Broken Water Pipe

A broken water pipe has more than one issue if you own a business. Not only do you need to get the pipe repaired, you may also need to shut off the water supply to the building. Many businesses, especially restaurants, cannot be open without running water, so this can cause a financial problem until the pipe is fixed.

Boiler Shutdowns

No hot water or heat in the middle of winter is a big issue for a business. Boiler shutdowns are a common reason to call in a commercial plumber for a fast repair.

Drain Clogs

Clogged drains are a problem in any plumbed building, but a bigger issue if you have customers to serve. An overflowing sink or toilet can be caused by indoor drain clogs or a sewer line issue and will need immediate service.

When you have a plumbing crisis at your business, you need a plumber that can handle the scope of a commercial plumbing problem. Keep a reputable commercial plumber on speed-dial that has 24/7 priority service for businesses to get the problem fixed fast to reduce losses in revenue.

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Tips to Keep Your Restaurant Plumbing in Good Shape

Few businesses rely on good plumbing more than restaurants. A broken pipe or backed up toilet can be enough to shutdown your business until it is fixed. Health codes require that your plumbing is kept in good working order, which is why maintenance by a reputable commercial plumber is so important. Here are some tips to keep your restaurant plumbing in good shape to avoid unnecessary plumbing emergencies.

  • Use drain filters. Keep debris out of your drains with filters and ensure your employees are using them consistently. Even small food debris can lead to big clogs, which drain filters can help avoid.
  • Maintain grease traps. Grease and plumbing do not mix. Make sure your grease traps are cleaned and maintained to avoid overflows into the plumbing system.
  • Flush sugary drains. If you have a soda fountain, espresso machine or any other beverage station with its own drain, flush these drains regularly with hot water. The sugar from sodas and milk can create clogs and odor.
  • Clean your pipes. Schedule routine hydrojetting for your major pipes to proactively avoid clogs and backups. This can clear any sludge build-up that can lead to large clogs that can be costly to remove, especially if you need to close your business while it is repaired.
  • Maintain your septic. If you have a septic at your restaurant, it is vital to keep up with septic maintenance to avoid sewage backups and other problems.

It has been said millions of times, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This is very true with plumbing. Stay on top of maintaining your restaurant plumbing and it can save you thousands of dollars in emergency repairs and shutdown costs in the future.

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3 Tips for Hiring a Commercial Plumber

Plumbing problems are never a welcomed event, but when they happen at your business, it can cost you more than just a repair. Plumbing issues can shut down your business, especially if you own a restaurant, hair salon or other service enterprise that depends on your plumbing. Having a reliable commercial plumber on speed dial is important. Don’t wait for a plumbing emergency to find a quality commercial plumber. Here are three tips to choose a commercial plumber for all your business’ plumbing needs.

  1. Experience. You wanted a commercial plumber that has been trusted for decades. When it comes to your business, choose a plumber that has successfully served your community for many years.
  2. For your commercial plumbing needs, you want one plumbing company that can handle whatever issue comes your way. Hire a plumber that offers a wide variety of services, from general plumbing to sewer or septic repair, covering all your plumbing issues.
  3. Emergency calls. When it comes to commercial plumbing problems, you don’t have time to waste. You need a commercial plumber that will be there when you need them the most. Choose a plumber that is available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, to ensure they will be able to fix your plumbing issues when they arrive and get you back up and running to reduce lost revenue.

Your commercial plumber should be a company you can trust to ensure your business does not need to shut down due to a clogged pipe, septic backup or broken plumbing fixture. Choose your plumber carefully to reduce the stress and impact of plumbing problems on your business.

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Preventive Maintenance for Your Commercial Plumbing

If you own a commercial building, you know how expensive emergency plumbing repairs can be. A busted pipe, malfunctioning boiler or backflow problem can quickly cost you thousands of dollars, destroying your overhead budget. A good investment into your commercial property is to begin a preventative maintenance program for your plumbing. This can help reduce plumbing emergencies and downtime for your business, saving you time and your business money. 

Commercial Plumbing Maintenance Plans

Quality commercial plumbing companies offer preventive maintenance plans and programs that help keep your plumbing and equipment running smoothly. Depending on your business and plumbing needs, these plans can include:

  • Regular inspections. Many emergencies can be prevented with annual or semi-annual inspections of your plumbing and equipment. An experienced commercial plumbing service can identify possible issues and resolve them before they cause unexpected downtime for your business.
  • Equipment service and maintenance.  From your boilers to water heaters, you need to maintain your plumbing equipment with regular service and maintenance. This can prevent breakdowns and extend the life of your equipment.
  • Backflow testing. Most commercial buildings are required to have backflow testing and certification. Many commercial plumbing maintenance plans include professional backflow testing and certification for your building and business.

To find a plumbing company to provide preventive maintenance for your commercial building, choose a contractor that specializes in commercial plumbing. Ask about the types of service or maintenance programs they have available for your type of commercial building to ensure that it will meet your needs. Quality commercial plumbing companies can tailor a maintenance plan that will help maintain your equipment, certification requirements and prevent expensive plumbing emergencies.

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Avoid Costly Commercial Plumbing Problems

Being prepared for the unexpected is part of running a successful business. Maintaining your building, including the plumbing inside, is an essential part of preventing many unforeseen issues which can affect your business. A plumbing emergency can be costly, both in service fees and down time for your company. Many expensive plumbing problems can be avoided by starting a commercial plumbing maintenance program.

Preventive Plumbing Maintenance Plans

The best way to prepare for unexpected plumbing problems is to avoid them altogether. With a regular preventive maintenance program, you can routinely have your commercial plumbing serviced and inspected to reduce the chance of major problems down the road. Instead of waiting for the next big plumbing emergency with the potential to shut down your business, like a burst pipe or clogged sewer line, invest in preventing these types of issues in the first place.

Some reputable commercial plumbing companies offer comprehensive maintenance programs that can be tailored to your company’s specific needs. Whether you own a restaurant that needs regular grease trap cleanings or an office building with a boiler system, a maintenance plan can be a wise investment in keeping your plumbing fixtures free from expensive breakdowns. Not only does preventative maintenance generally cost less than repairs, it can prevent loss of revenue if your business must close for those repairs.

Don’t wait for the next plumbing emergency to shut down your commercial building or business. Get started on a plumbing maintenance plan to avoid these types of expensive problems, saving your company time and money.  Talk to a local commercial plumbing company about what maintenance plans they offer, and which one will meet your specific business needs.

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Commercial Construction

As the economy gradually continues to improve, commercial construction activity in renovation projects continues to improve as well.  Projects being seen include office space, restaurants, shopping centers, schools, churches and a wide variety of local, state and federal government projects.  One of the most crucial contractors on any commercial construction project is the commercial plumbing contractor, and this is especially true on renovations to existing buildings.  Often these projects occur in occupied buildings requiring phasing and after hours work, which result in the building’s occupants to continue to work in the space, while the work is ongoing.  Keeping bathrooms functional is during any renovation project is critical!

Renovation projects are more difficult to perform than new builds, as the plumbing contractor is often combining new work with existing work, which in some cases was installed decades ago.  In addition, they are working with the most recent building and plumbing codes, which may differ from the codes that were followed when the building was built.

While keeping the building’s occupants happy during the renovations, it is also critical that a high quality product be delivered.  Quality begins before the work ever begins on the project.  It starts early on when the job is being estimated and the estimator and project manager conduct site visits to completely understand the scope of work and existing conditions.  As the project moves along, the correct combination of well-trained and experienced craftsmen, as well as materials, must be available on site when needed.  The leadership of the company must be dedicated and committed to delivering a high quality product on time and under budget, while exceeding the expectations of the owner and the existing tenants.  While challenging, commercial renovation projects are also the most rewarding projects!

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ADA Upgrades to Bathrooms

Every commercial property owner in the United States should be aware of the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  While the law is complex and has many facets, in general the law prohibits commercial properties from excluding people with disabilities from fully utilizing the property.  One of the requirements of the ADA is requiring the building to have one of more ADA compliant bathrooms.

While most people are familiar with the requirement of grab bars in bathrooms, they are not aware of requirements concerning turning radiuses for wheelchairs or the requirements for special plumbing fixtures including toilets and faucets.  Compliant toilets are required to be a certain height, while faucets are required to have lever handles.  In addition, there are a number of requirements for clearances around toilets, as well as requirements for counter top heights, protecting drainpipes, bath accessory types and mounting heights.  In many cases the installation of a ADA compliant bathroom in an existing commercial building is a major project and often requires that the entire are be completely redone, including the relocation of existing plumbing.  A commercial plumber can handle bringing your bathroom into ADA compliance.

Although the expense to provide ADA bathroom are significant, failure to meet this requirement will result in the property owner facing significant exposure legally from both the government, as well as individual citizens that may claim discrimination based upon a disability.  In addition, to local building departments enforcing the provisions of the ADA related to building, the United States Justice Department will at some point get involved as well.  Compliance with the provisions of the ADA is not only the law, but it is also the right thing to do!

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Commercial Drain Cleaning

There is nothing worse for any commercial property owner or manager getting a call from a tenant about a clogged up drain line.  Often these clogs are the result of grease, sewage, detergent, chemicals, roots, paper or a variety of other materials.  In many cases, a clogged up sewer line will force a business to close until the issue is resolved, because a clogged up sewer line means no bathrooms!

Most commercial plumbers who provide drain cleaning services will utilize a camera to identify the location of the blockage, as well as the type of blockage.  The camera is snaked into the drain and a video image is transmitted back to a small video screen, which also has the ability to take still photographs.  Once the technician sees what is causing the blockage, they will determine the most effective tool to remove the blockage.

In most cases either a traditional plumber’s snake or high pressure hydro jetting will be used to remove the blockage.  While the traditional plumber’s snake is generally the least costly alternative, it is not effective in removing all blockages.  One of the advantages of high pressure water jetting is the ability of the system to not only remove the blockage, but to also remove the build up of any sludge on the pipe walls, especially cast iron pipe.  This leads to the interior of the pipe being just like new, which allows the waste water to flow freely!

The biggest advantage of today’s cutting edge technology in drain cleaning is the ability of the technician to quickly identify and remove the blockage, which results in commercial businesses staying open and making money!

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Boiler Repairs

Most commercial and industrial buildings utilize boilers for a variety of uses including heating water, space heating and operating industrial machinery.  Although today’s boilers are complex, safe and technically advanced, the underlying technology has been in use since the beginning of the industrial revolution.  In general, boilers heat water to a very high temperature until the water turns to steam.  It is the steam that heats the water, provides space heating and drives the machinery.  In general, boilers are most often found in commercial and industrial buildings, however it is common the see them in high-end residential homes, especially if a radiant heating system is installed.

Although the upfront investment in boiler technology is higher than a standard or tankless water heater, over time commercial and industrial users find that the boiler system is cost effective in the long run, as often these users require a significant amount of hot water.   While in the past boilers have been coal fired, most boilers today are fired using either natural gas or propane.

One of the key factors with any boiler system is to have periodic inspections by a qualified boiler technician to verify that the equipment is working properly and safely.  Since boilers are much more complex than water heaters, specialized training, experience and equipment is required to safely make inspections and repairs as needed.  In dealing with boilers, safety cannot be taken for granted so it is highly recommended that only qualified boiler technicians perform the inspections and make any necessary repairs!

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Choosing a Commercial Plumber For Your Business

If you own or operate a business, you know that commercial plumbing problems are a little different than residential plumbing problems.  At a business or commercial facility, a clogged toilet, broken or leaking water line, or stopped up drain line is more than just an inconvenience, it means downtime for your operation and you can’t afford downtime that results in lost customer and lowered employee productivity.

Every business needs to establish a relationship with a great local commercial plumber and keep their contact information handy.  That way, when a problem arises like a clogged toilet, full grease trap, or broken water line you and your employees will immediately know who to call to get the problem fixed fast.

When choosing a plumbing contractor, you want to find a plumber who handles the types of plumbing problems that might arise at your business, who you can depend on for fast response time and professional plumbing repairs, and who will not charge an arm and a leg for the work.

First make sure that the commercial plumber can take care of your plumbing needs.  Some commercial plumbers don’t handle things like boiler service and repair or cleaning grease traps. Then, ask for references and follow up.  Talk to other businesses that have used this plumber to see if they were satisfied with the quality of the work and would use the plumber again.

When comparing rates, don’t automatically go with the lowest cost plumber.  Expect to pay market rates for top quality commercial plumbing service from an experienced plumbing contractor.  A commercial plumbing contractor that quotes a very low price will likely deliver low quality service and when you are in business, you cannot afford anything less than top quality, reliable plumbing services.