3 Things You Shouldn’t Dump Down Your Drain

Many plumbing problems could be avoided through simply choosing not to allow certain items to go down your drain. It may convenient to dispose of almost any liquid or food item down your drains, but it may not be the best option. Just because something can go down your drain does not necessarily mean it should. In the long run, it can cost you more in time and money if you dump these three things down your drain.


It may be easy to rinse those greasy pans out with hot water and watch the fat go down your kitchen sink drain, but it can be a big mistake. Shortening, butter and animal fats congeal when they become colder, often sticking to the inside of your pipes. This fatty substance grabs onto debris and can eventually cause a stubborn clog in your drain.


You should be careful of the chemicals you put down your drain. While some household cleaners are perfectly safe, chemicals like turpentine, paint, solvent-based cleaners and automobile fluids should not be allowed to go down the drain. They can be harmful to the environment and may damage your plumbing or septic system.


You may have a garbage disposal, but that does not mean all food should go down the drain. Even chopped up, hard produce peels, potatoes, egg shells and coffee grounds can all produce nasty clogs in your drain. Some starches like potatoes like create a glue-like substance that grabs ahold of other debris and makes a solid, stubborn clog in your plumbing.

Avoiding putting these three things down the drain can protect your plumbing. However, if you do get a clog, call your local plumber to help you clear your drain the right way.

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