Does Your Water Heater Need Maintenance?

Has your water heater tank been flushed in the last year? Do you know if your anode rod needs to be replaced? Tank water heaters need routine maintenance to prevent premature wear and tear on components. If you are not sure when your water heater received preventive maintenance or if it has never been serviced, it is time to schedule a flush and inspection.

Why Flush a Water Heater?

Tank water heaters hold water heated to around 120 degrees 24/7, 365-days a year. The minerals in the water can collect inside the tank, causing corrosion. Flushing the tank once a year can allow some of these minerals to be released, helping lower corrosion in the tank. This is simple to do – most homeowners can flush their heater as a DIY task – but it can also be completed with routine maintenance.

Inspection of Components

If you schedule routine maintenance through your local plumber, they can flush your tank and do a complete inspection. This will include checking the anode rod to see it needs replacement. It will also include inspecting the pressure release valve – this is a common component that can fail and cause a major leak that can flood your home with hot water from your tank. Annual inspections can identify components that need replacement, reducing the chance of a water heater tank leak or other emergency repairs.

Routine maintenance can help extend the life of your water heater. With regular service, a tank water heater can last well over 10 years, even close to 20 years in some cases. Make sure to schedule your next water heater service if it has been more than a year since your unit has been flushed or inspected.

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