Should You Drain and Flush a Water Heater Yourself?

Your water heater needs regular maintenance to keep it working great and to extend the time before replacement. Like most appliances, it can benefit from regular service to reduce wear and tear on the mechanisms. One maintenance service that should be done annually is a drain and flush of the tank. However, is this a DIY job or should you hire a plumber?

Draining and flushing your water heater tank is important to limit corrosion inside the tank. Minerals can collect in the tank and cause rust and corrosion. This can lead to leaks in the tank and a premature replacement of the water heater, which can cost thousands of dollars. Draining and flushing can remove these minerals and extend the life of your water heater.

You can drain and flush a water heater on your own, but it does take some know-how. There are several hundred gallons of water that must be carefully removed; a wrong move could cause water to flood your home, putting you at risk for water or mold damage. If you decide to attempt this procedure, make sure you research it carefully to ensure you do not cause more harm than good.

Another option is to schedule a tune-up or service for your water heater with a local plumber. Not only can they drain and flush the tank, they can inspect the other components on your water heater. There are many components that can need replacement over the years; proactive replacement can prevent water heater malfunctions and emergency repairs while extending the life of your appliance. If it has been more than a year since your water heater tank has been flushed, call your local plumber and schedule a service.

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