Three Strange Sink Sounds Which May Be Signs of Trouble

Normally, your sink is a relatively quiet fixture. Except for the whooshing sound of water going down the drain and the occasionally hum of the garbage disposal, it mostly remains silent. However, if your sink does start speaking up, it’s usually is a sign something’s amiss. Here are three strange sinks sounds that should get your attention:

Gurgling Sounds While Draining

A gurgling sink usually means there’s air trapped in your pipes. The cause can be debris from your garbage disposal which has created a clog that’s trapping air behind the blockage, or you may just need a vent added to your pipes. Either way, a gurgling sound is a good reason to call a plumber.

Whining Faucet

If your sink’s faucet makes a whining noise when it is turned on, there are a few different reasons for this noise. It may be something as simple as a loose washer or air in the pipes. It could also be a problem with the valves located under your sink.

Clinking or Thumping

A clinking noise when you turn on the water in your sink can be an easy fix. Most of the time, a loose washer which can easily be tightened or replaced is the culprit. However, if this isn’t the issue, it’s best to call a plumber to inspect your faucet and pipes.

If your sink is talking to you with any of these or other sounds, listen to what it’s saying and call your local plumber. Most issues can be quickly and inexpensively remedied, provided they’re caught before they become major problems.

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