Save Water and Energy with a Hot Water Recirculating System

Do you need to run your hot water for your shower a few minutes before it you finally can enjoy a hot shower? If you have a larger home, the pipes coming from your water heater can be long, filled with cold water. All that water is wasted when it goes down the drain. A solution to save on water waste and help lower energy costs is a hot water recirculating system that can be added to your existing plumbing system.

How Do Recirculating Systems Work?

There are a few different types of hot water recirculating systems. There are pumps that can be installed under sinks or over water heaters that deliver instant hot water to selected fixtures. A cross-over valve at the point of the fixture can be also used to deliver the hot water. The benefit is quick access to hot water when you need it, without wasting cold water in the hot water lines. The water in the lines is recirculated by the pump, keeping it in your plumbing instead of going down the drain.

There are on-demand, instant and traditional hot water recirculating systems. All offer quicker hot water without wasting the water in the lines. This can save thousands of gallons of water every year and help reduce energy costs. For those who want to save money off their utility bills or just care about limiting water waste, these devices can be an excellent addition to their plumbing system.

If you are interested in learning more about hot water recirculating system options, contact your local plumber. They can discuss the different options available and find the best solution for your home.

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Hot Water Circulation Systems

Are you tired of waiting for the water to get hot in your shower, bathroom sink, or kitchen?  Letting the water run while waiting for it to warm up is a huge waste of time, money and water.   You may have considered installing a tankless water heater.  These have many advantages over traditional storage type water heaters including instant hot water for some types of installations, but there are disadvantages to tankless water heaters, not the least of which are the conversion costs.

There is another, less expensive option for getting instant hot water.  A hot water recirculation system circulates hot water through the pipes so that when you turn on the faucet or shower, the hot water is immediately available.   There are three different types of hot water circulation systems.

The first type uses a pump to continuously circulate hot water through the pipes.  This is the simplest system, but also the most expensive to operate since the water circulation pump runs continuously.

The second type of hot water circulation system is similar to the first, but uses a timer to shut off the pump when demand for hot water is small such as at night and on weekdays when your family is away from home at work or school.  These systems use less energy because they do not run continuously.

The most cost efficient type of water circulations system is a demand type system.  In these systems, the circulation pump only runs when a button at the sink or shower is pushed.  After pushing the button to activate the system, the user waits a few seconds before turning on the hot water.  The pump shuts off automatically after the hot water reaches the tap. These systems are a little less convenient than the other two types of water recirculation systems, but they are much more efficient to operate and they reduce water consumption.