Danger of Tree Root Sewer Line Invasion

Safely snuggled under your lawn are your sewer lines, whisking away the water and waste from your home. You depend on your sewer lines to keep doing their job day in and out, but they may be in danger. There could be an enemy stealthily moving underground to attack your sewer pipes. Are your sewer lines in danger of tree root invasion?

The beautiful trees in your yard that offer shade, windbreaks and privacy can be a big problem for your sewer lines. Trees need moisture to survive and their roots stretch out from their trunk base to find the moisture they need. Sewer lines are an enticing source of water, especially those made with jointed pipes. Tree roots can find tiny cracks in joints to squeeze through and access the interior pipes. Once a small root is inside, it can grow and apply pressure to the pipe, causing serious damage. In addition, the roots can clog the inside of your sewer lines, causing sewage backups.

Do You Have Tree Root Problems?

If you have large trees in your yard and older jointed sewer lines, you may want to have your pipes inspected. Many sewer/septic companies offer digital camera inspections. This method can view your sewer lines from the inside and detect any tree root issues. If there are tree roots that have infiltrated your sewer lines, hydrojetting performed by your sewer professional can remove the roots and clear the pipe.

It is important to understand the danger of tree roots to sewer lines. Avoid planting new trees near your sewer lines and proactively have your pipes inspected to detect any root penetration before it causes serious damage.

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