What Are Those Strange Plumbing Sounds?

Your plumbing works day in and day out, usually without a falter. When it does have an issue, it may be a visible leak or a backed-up drain in your kitchen. There are other signs that you may not see, but can hear, that your plumbing may have some trouble. Here are some strange plumbing sounds that can alert you to issues with your pipes, water heater or other components.

Rattling Pipes

Is there a clatter of rattling or vibrating pipes behind your walls or under your floors? Sometimes all that is needed is tightening the pipe brackets to keep them still. However, vibration can be caused by too high of pressure; have the water pressure checked to ensure it is correct.

Hammering or Banging Pipes

Do you hear banging or hammering in your walls? Water valves that shut too abruptly can cause a “water hammer” effect. This can damage your pipes and should be fixed. Talk to your local plumber about adding an arrestor or changing to slower-acting water valves.

Tapping and Crackling Water Heaters

If your tank water heater is making racket, it may need flushing. The minerals that buildup in the tank can cause element issues and corrosion that cause a banging sound. Flushing can remove the minerals and extend the life of your water heater.

Hissing or Squealing Faucets

When your faucets make noises when you turn them on, get them checked out by a plumber. Hissing can mean too high of water pressure and squealing can alert you to valves or washers that need replacement.

Next time your plumbing starts talking, make sure to listen. Strange sounds can identify plumbing issues before they become larger emergencies.

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