Does Your Main Water Line Need Repair?

All the water used in your home comes in through the main water line, either from a well or municipal water source. Considering that this water sustains and cleanses your family, it is important to ensure it functions correctly. Damage to the main water line can cause leaks and may put your water at risk of contamination. Yet, the pipe is underground, making it difficult to detect issues. Here are some signs that your main water line needs repair.

Higher Water Bills

If you are on municipal water and your bills have went up over the last few months due to higher water use, you may have a leak in your main water line. Check for evidence of leaks – wet ground or green spots in your lawn are common indicators. Tree roots love water lines and are often the culprit that damages these important pipes.

Changes in Your Water’s Appearance

Is there a color difference or an odor to the water that comes from your faucets? If there is damage to the main water line, dirt and other debris can contaminate your water, which can impact the health of your family. Even chemicals used for lawn maintenance could be entering your water supply.

Lower Water Pressure

Does it seem like you have lost water pressure? If your faucets are trickling or your showers are dismal, you may have a breach in your water line that is affecting your water pressure.

If you are concerned your main water line has been compromised, a complete inspection is needed. Contact your local plumber to inspect your water main for damage. They can recommend the correct repairs needed to protect your water supply.

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