3 Warning Signs That Your Pipes Are Leaking

A leaky pipe in your plumbing is a serious issue. Even a small drip is nothing to ignore. Leaks do not go away on their own; they only get bigger and put you at risk for more damage. If a small leak turns into a burst pipe, you could be looking at much more than just a plumbing bill. Water and mold damage are expensive. It is best to catch leaks in your pipes right away and get them fixed before they become a large problem. Here are three warning signs that your pipes are leaking.

  1. Water spots on walls or ceilings. A discolored ceiling tile or water spots on your walls can mean a pipe is leaking. Even if it is not your plumbing, you have a leak somewhere that needs to be identified.
  2. Warped floor boards. If you notice the floor boards in your bathroom or kitchen are warped or feel spongy, it is time to investigate. You may have a leak that is ruining your subflooring and needs to be fixed before you no longer have a floor.
  3. Water bill increase. For those on municipal water, the water bill can be an eye-opener that you have a major leak. Sometimes a water main can be leaking outside the house and you don’t even know it, or an outdoor water source has a leak. A big water bill or any increase in usage is a good indicator that you may have a leak in one of your pipes.

At the first indication that you have a plumbing leak, call your local plumber for a water line repair. It is worth the investment to get your plumbing fixed right to avoid more costly damage to your home.

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