Do Showers or Baths Use More Water?

If you are trying to conserve on water, you may wonder how much water your daily showers or baths use. It was once thought that showers were more water efficient, but is that really the case? You may have your own preference of showers or baths, but when it comes to water efficiency, it depends on how you use these methods.

Water Use for Baths and Showers

For baths, the amount of water you use is directly linked to the size of tub you have and how full you fill it. A deep tub versus a shallow tub can be a difference of tens of gallons of water. The average tub holds about 35 gallons of water, but it is unlikely most people will fill it that full. Depending on how much water you displace, you may only use 20-25 gallons, but that is a set amount no matter how long you linger in the bath.

For showers, you have control over your water use. An average showerhead uses about 3-4 gallons of water a minute. If you use a water-efficient showerhead, the amount could be less, about 2 gallons per minute. A 5-minute shower using an efficient showerhead will only use about 10 gallons of water, half of that of a bath. But a longer shower will use more, as will a conventional showerhead, making showers less efficient.

If you are looking for ways to conserve water, talk to your local plumber. They can help you install efficient fixtures and appliances that will make a significant difference in your water use, from showerheads and faucets to tankless water heaters and washers.

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