Tips on What to Do if Your Toilet Overflows

An overflowed toilet can create a mess. The curvy pipes that flush down waste can get clogged, and as more water comes in to whisk away the waste, it fills up the bowl. Before you know it, it can overflow onto the floor. Usually it is a local clog, often in the toilet itself, that can be removed with a plunger. To deal with a clogged toilet, follow these steps.

  • First, use a plunger to try and release the clog. Create a seal with the plunger around the exit hole in the toilet bowl and push down, then release and push down again without breaking the seal. Keep doing this until the water is sucked down.
  • Try flushing the toilet again. If it flushes with no problems, the clog is gone. Make sure to disinfected the plunger and the floor after cleanup; overflowed toilet water can release many harmful bacteria. Use bleach or another anti-bacterial cleaner.
  • If the clog will not budge or the toilet continues to fill the bowl, you may have other sewer line issues. It could be a clog in one of your pipes or a more serious issue. You can try to “snake” out the drain to find the clog. However, it may be more beneficial to call a plumber. They can determine where the clog is and make sure it is completely removed to remedy the problem.

Most overflowed toilets are a quick, albeit messy, fix. However, if plunging does not work, you may need to call in a plumber. It could be a toilet or plumbing problem that need professional repair.

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