4 Common Toilet Troubles

No one wants to realize their toilet is not working correctly. Toilets are a fixture you use every day, but fixing troubles is never fun. However, a dysfunctional toilet can cause extensive damage to your home if not fixed quickly. Here are four common toilet issues and what will need to be done to fix them.

  1. Running toilet. The toilet that keeps running has an issue with the stopper mechanism in the tank. When the tank fills, the stopper should close. If water is still escaping into the bowl, the stopper may not be sealing, or the ballcock float is stuck. These parts can be found at any hardware store if you want to replace them on your own.
  2. Wax ring seal is broken. If you notice a leak around the base of the toilet, it most likely is a broken wax ring. The toilet needs to be reset and sealed to prevent leaks and damage to the floor. This may require the service of a plumber.
  3. Crack in the toilet or base. A cracked toilet usually needs to be replaced. In many cases, you can just replace the tank or base instead of the entire toilet. Contact a plumber and give them the model number of your toilet to determine the type of replacement you will need.
  4. Overflowing toilet. When your toilet is overflowing, you most likely have a clog in the drain. Use a plunger to dislodge the clog. If this does not work, it may be further down in your plumbing and calling a professional is your next move.

While you can fix some toilet issues on your own, it is best to leave the big jobs to a plumber. They can quickly repair the problem and relieve your toilet troubles.

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