Does Your Home Smell Like Sewer?

Ever get a whiff of something that doesn’t smell right in your home? Sometimes it is something as simple as a garbage that needs to be emptied or some spoiled milk in the fridge. But there is a distinct odor to sewage and waste, and if you smell it in or around your home, it could mean problems. Here are some tips to find the source of the smell and fix the issue.

Pin Point the Source

Sewer smells are usually going to come from one of two places; drains or outdoors. Take a sniff near your drains, especially those in the lower levels of the house. Is there one drain that has a stronger smell, do they all have an odor or is there no odor near your drains? Drains that smell like sewage can mean a backup or blockage in your system.

If the smell is outside, look for wet spots in your yard. You could have a broken sewer pipe. If you have a septic system, check around your septic tank and drain field. Look for wet areas and sniff for stronger odors. Septic tanks can leak and drain fields can fail, which can create a sewage odor.

Call a Professional

Whether you have a blocked sewer pipe, a septic problem or a broken main sewer line, you need professional help to get your sewer issue resolved. Call your local plumbing company that offers both plumbing and sewer repairs for an inspection. They can help find the exact source of the problem and offer a solution to stop the odor and fix the sewer issue, whether it is inside or outside of your home.

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Smelly Toilets

Strong sewage smells that come from your toilet are symptoms of serious plumbing problems.  These offensive odors are not only embarrassing, but harmful to your family, friends and pets.  This odor can be coming from a number of different places, and may be something you can repair on your own.

The first thing you want to check is to see if your P traps located under your sinks have water in them.  If the water has drained out, sewer gas can travel up through the pipes causing the sewer odors.  This is generally a loose or worn water seal that simply needs to be replaced.  A local professional plumber can complete this job with relative ease.

If the odor is also coming from sinks, you may have a layer of slime and bacteria that is growing in the pipes.  First try pouring hot boiling water down your drains and see if the smell disappears.  If you are on a septic system, do not add bleach to the boiling water, as that may harm the good bacteria in the septic tank.  City water or city sewer systems can have a little bleach down the drain, and that can be mixed with the water.  Be very careful not to burn yourself or splash any chemicals in your eyes.  If the odor persists after this, you should consider contacting a local professional plumber, as you may have a more serious problem.

Severe odors are often signs of more serious problems, including broken or leaking pipes, or a broken, loose or degraded toilet seal.  Hidden pipes (especially vent pipes) may have cracked or you may need a drain line repair.  If you can not remove the odor with the steps listed above, contact your local professional plumber to have the problem resolved.