Sewer Line Installation and Repair

Plumbing contractors provide a wide range of plumbing services to residential, industrial and commercial customers alike.  One of the services is the repair of existing sewer lines, as well of the installation of new sewer lines.  In most cases, the repair or installation of the sewer line, which runs to the structure to the public sewer system, is the responsibility of the homeowner up to the property line.

One of the most common issues that plumbing contractors come across is issues related to the sewer line that services the home or business requiring repairs.  These repairs include blockages as a result of broken or collapsed pipes, root intrusion where pipes have separated, damages from utility or other contractors, pipes that are not back pitched, settled ground around pipes and excessive grease build of in the pipe.   In many cases the damaged section of the pipe can be simply repaired, by replacing the affected area.  The plumber will use a special camera, which is inserted into the pipe, to diagnose the issue.  The camera provides the plumber with a real time view of the inside of the pipe and also helps pinpoint the location, which results in a minimal amount of yard damage related to the repair.

In most cases the installation of a new sewer line is the result of disconnecting a home or a business from a septic system and connecting it to a new public sewer line, which has recently been installed in the area.  While there is a cost of installing the line there are many advantages to connecting to the public sewer system including avoiding yearly septic inspections and service.

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