Water Quality Testing for Homes with Wells

If your home uses a well, you want to ensure your water is healthy and safe to drink. It is possible for contaminants to seep into ground water or for old plumbing pipes to emit toxins into your water. Periodic quality testing for your well water can ensure the water you use for drinking, cooking and washing is safe for your family.

There are many factors that can affect well water. Chemicals used in agriculture or landscaping can be absorbed in large quantities into the ground water, tainting the water supply. Harmful bacteria like e. coli can containment your water. Old pipes can contain lead and release small amounts of lead in the water. Testing is the best way to know your water is safe.

Water Testing and Purification

A standard water quality test can be used to ensure your well and plumbing are providing healthy water for your home. You can buy a water testing kit or call a local plumber to perform a comprehensive test on your water supply. Testing once a year can alert you to health problems with your water. In between testing, you want to ensure your water is safe. Using a water purification or filtering system can remove many toxins from your water, helping improve the taste and safety. Your local plumber can install a water filtration system that will purify the water you use for drinking and cooking to keep your family’s health protected.

Water is one of the basic elements you depend on for health. Keep the water that comes into your home free from toxins by performing routine quality testing and using a reliable filtration system for your consumable water.

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Water Filtration for Your New Refrigerator

You just found your dream refrigerator! It has enough space for your favorite foods. It also has enough shelfing and storage combinations for keeping things organized. Best of all it has a water and ice dispenser. You are already dreaming of how great it will be to have filtered, cold water at hand, plus ice for your favorite lemonade drink.

Shortly after, you may realize that water has to be hooked up to your refrigerator, for all your dreams to come true. You could spend the next week looking up YouTube videos on how Joe Schmoe hooked up his own water filter. The alternative is to get it done quickly and with quality work by a professional plumber. Here are few reasons why you’ll want to hire out this job:

  • Your plumber knows exactly what to do, because he was taught how to do it and he has done it many times before. No drilling holes or water leaks where there shouldn’t be.
  • Your plumber will have all the tools he needs to get the job done. No running to the hardware store three separate times for one job.
  • Time is money and your plumber can save you both by getting the job done quickly and professionally.

If you just want to sit back and enjoy your new dreamy refrigerator with a glass of ice cold lemonade, call your professional plumber right away. He will get the job done with quality work. By the time you get your refrigerator restocked and organized the way you want, you’ll have filtrated water and ice all ready to go. Have a nice cold soothing drink knowing the job was done the right way.

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Testing Your Water For Safety

In most homes, the water coming from your tap is safe to drink. However, there is the possibility of contaminants entering your water system from old pipes, agricultural chemicals and even dangerous levels of toxins from chloride-enhanced city water. Having your water tested periodically can ensure that the water in your home is safe to drink, and can give you peace of mind.

Common Water Contaminants

Where you live and where your water supply comes from can all effect what types of contaminants can enter your water. Although water provided through local utilities is regularly tested, there are possible toxins that may enter the water from pipes or other sources on the way to your home. The best way to know for sure that your water is free of toxins is to have it tested yourself.

There are home water testing kits available, however many only test for specific items and may not catch toxins that are common in your area. Having a professional plumber test your water can identify contaminants that have been found in the water supply in your region. Some contaminants they may test for include:

–          Pesticides from local agriculture. 

–          Bacteria and nitrates

–          Lead

–          Trihalomethanes (THMs)

Your Sterling plumber can alert you of other elements that have been found in your area, for which your water should be tested. Another way to ensure your water is kept healthy is to consider buying a purifying system for your home’s water, which is permanently installed to keep water clean. Your plumber can suggest a water purifier that helps to eliminate contaminants, and keep your water safe between testings.

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Your Options in Water Treatment Systems

When you need to treat the water before you can use it for drinking, bathing, and other purposes, you will need to choose a treatment system for your home.  There are several water filter and water treatment options to choose from.

With ultraviolet treatments, the water will pass through an ultraviolet light to kill any biological contaminants.  The problem with this type of system is that it will not work on dissolved chemicals to make the drinking water completely pure.

Ozone treatments use ozone, a gas, to kill contaminants.  They also reduce odors from iron, sulphur, and other dissolved chemicals.  The drawback is that it is an expensive method and it contains mild carcinogenic by-products.

With membrane treatments, a membrane is used to remove impurities from water.  An electric current can be used to move water through the membrane.  It will remove both biological and organic contaminants, but it an expensive choice for water treatment.

One of the most popular and effective treatments is reverse osmosis treatments.   It can be used to remove pesticides, microbes, chemical toxins, and organic contaminants.  Water is forced through a dense membrane that will not allow anything else to get through.  The benefit of this option is that it removes impurities with no changes to the taste or smell of the water.  However, it also removes any helpful minerals from the water.  The membrane may have to be replaced if it gets clogged with use.

If you are not sure which treatment option is best for you, you can talk to your local plumber for advice.  They will also help you with installation of the water treatment system that you purchase.