Water Fixtures for Your Outdoor Living Space

As summer comes closer, more and more time is spent outside. Families gather on their patios to eat dinner and friends are invited over for pool parties. If you enjoy relaxing and entertaining in your outdoor living space, you want to make it simple and convenient to access water. Here are some water fixtures to consider adding for your outdoor living area.

Outdoor Kitchen Sink

If you have a outdoor kitchen or grilling area, an outdoor sink can make cooking and cleaning easier. No more bringing dirty utensils and pans inside to make a bigger mess – you can clean your grilling and outdoor cooking items outside. Plus, you have access to water for cooking, drinking or washing without going inside.

Outdoor Shower

There are many great reasons to add an outdoor shower. If you have a pool, it is a convenient way to rinse off chlorine after a swim. Secondly, there is nothing more refreshing than showering outside on a beautiful, sunny morning. For those with dogs, outdoor showers are an easy way to keep your furry friends clean without making a mess in your bathrooms.

Fountains or Waterfalls

Adding water features like fountains or waterfalls can help create a relaxing and beautiful backyard. They also cool the air and invite butterflies and birds into your yard. Plumbing can supply the water needed to create ponds, fountains, water walls and waterfalls that improve the ambiance and landscaping at your home.

Start planning your new water fixture additions to improve your outdoor space now. Your local plumber can install your new water fixtures for function and convenience while you are enjoying time outside this summer.

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Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen Sink

The outdoor kitchen has become one of the most popular additions to outdoor living areas. The backyard grill now has company, with many beautiful outdoor kitchen built with functional counters, cabinets, stovetops and refrigerators. But many are missing one important element: a kitchen sink. Here are some great benefits to adding a plumbed sink into your outdoor kitchen.

  • Save time. When you are grilling a great meal outdoors, you don’t have time to be running back and forth into the kitchen. A sink helps reduce those trips with water right there to help your create your fabulous meal.
  • Easy clean up. Keep that grilling mess out of your home with easy clean up at the source. Plus, you can clean pans and dishes as you go, making the final clean up faster and easier.
  • Sanitary. You want to be sanitary when you are cooking a big meal, especially for friends and family gatherings. Your outdoor kitchen sink gives you a convenient place to wash your hands with hot water while preparing your meal.
  • Douse that flame. If your grilling gets out of hand, it is always nice to have a water faucet right there to help douse that flame and save those steaks on the grill. Moderating the heat on a charcoal grill often needs a little water to help you cook low and slow.

Make your outdoor cooking experience easier and more convenient with a professionally plumbed kitchen sink. Talk to your local licensed plumbing contractor about remodeling your outdoor kitchen to incorporate a sink. Don’t forget to ask for a kitchen sink that includes a hand sprayer to make it even easier to clean those pans and grills.

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