Water Fixtures for Your Outdoor Living Space

As summer comes closer, more and more time is spent outside. Families gather on their patios to eat dinner and friends are invited over for pool parties. If you enjoy relaxing and entertaining in your outdoor living space, you want to make it simple and convenient to access water. Here are some water fixtures to consider adding for your outdoor living area.

Outdoor Kitchen Sink

If you have a outdoor kitchen or grilling area, an outdoor sink can make cooking and cleaning easier. No more bringing dirty utensils and pans inside to make a bigger mess – you can clean your grilling and outdoor cooking items outside. Plus, you have access to water for cooking, drinking or washing without going inside.

Outdoor Shower

There are many great reasons to add an outdoor shower. If you have a pool, it is a convenient way to rinse off chlorine after a swim. Secondly, there is nothing more refreshing than showering outside on a beautiful, sunny morning. For those with dogs, outdoor showers are an easy way to keep your furry friends clean without making a mess in your bathrooms.

Fountains or Waterfalls

Adding water features like fountains or waterfalls can help create a relaxing and beautiful backyard. They also cool the air and invite butterflies and birds into your yard. Plumbing can supply the water needed to create ponds, fountains, water walls and waterfalls that improve the ambiance and landscaping at your home.

Start planning your new water fixture additions to improve your outdoor space now. Your local plumber can install your new water fixtures for function and convenience while you are enjoying time outside this summer.

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4 Excellent Reasons to Install an Outside Shower

Have you ever considered installing an outside shower at your home? While it may not be a necessity, it can have some excellent benefits. There are occasions when an outdoor shower can be handy – consider these four benefits to an outdoor shower on your back patio.

  1. Dirty kids. Kids like to get dirty – it is one of the things they do best! But getting them clean can cause another mess in the bathroom, especially when they track their dirt and mud all the way through the house. After messy outdoor play, have kids rinse off in the outside shower to keep the dirt out of your home.
  2. Dirty dogs. Dogs need baths, but they can also make a mess inside. Outdoor showers are perfect for giving your furry kids a bath without messing up the bathroom. It is much more comfortable for them than an outdoor hose that only has cold water.
  3. After swimming. If you have a pool with chlorine, you need to rinse off after a swim to protect your skin and hair. Outdoor showers on your pool deck or patio let you rinse without tracking in water through the house.
  4. Have you ever taken a shower under the stars or in the bright morning sun? It can be an enjoyable experience, with nature as your ceiling.

Adding an outdoor shower as part of your bathroom remodeling project can be a wonderful, convenient fixture for your family. Talk to your local plumber about options for creating a shower area on your patio or pool deck. It can be an affordable addition that can make life easier and create less mess in your home.

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Plumbing Ideas for Your Outdoor Living Space

Do you spend more time outside than inside during the warmer months? If your outdoor living space is becoming more glamorous than the inside of your home, you are a true lover of spending time outdoors. You have the pool, patio and outdoor kitchen to make your backyard the ultimate oasis for your free time. But have you added plumbing to finish the process? Here are a few plumbing ideas to complete the ultimate outdoor living space:

  • Outdoor shower. If you have a chlorine pool, you need a shower outside to make it quick and easy to rinse off after a swim. Create a private area with cedar walls for the shower and you may want to use it every day.
  • Plumbing for your outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen has become a popular asset for outdoor living areas, but many are not fully plumbed into the water system of the home. Add a fully functional sink to make cleaning up and cooking your fantastic meals a breeze.
  • Cool water features. Add a waterfall, bubbling fountain or other water feature to give your outdoor area even more pizazz. It can help cool the air while adding a visual and audio backdrop that only moving water can provide.
  • Outdoor bar. If you love serving cocktails to your guests, adding a plumbed sink and icemaker to your outdoor bar will make you the ultimate host or hostess.

Bring your indoor plumbing outdoors with the help of your local plumber. With everything you need in your backyard, you may not want to go back inside until the winter weather rolls in.

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Adding An Outdoor Shower

Having an outside shower is an amazing experience. It is refreshing and relaxing, as well as a very useful fixture. There are several reasons to consider adding an outdoor shower to your home, some that are practical and some that are just for your own pleasure.

Hot Tub And Pool Owners

Chlorine and other chemicals in pools and hot tubs need to be washed off after you use them. Instead of your family tracking through the house to the bathroom to shower, it is much nicer and convenient to have an outside shower for them to rinse off in.

 Dog Owners

Washing your dog in a bathtub or shower can create a big mess.  A cleaner and more convenient solution is to use an outside shower instead. This is easier on the dog, saves strain on your back and has much less clean up. No wet paw prints throughout your house!

 Pure Enjoyment

What better way to cool off on a hot day then to jump into a refreshing shower outdoors? Having an outside shower to splash off the days heat or just to relax in under the sky can be a wonderful experience.

 Be Creative

Outside showers can be as simple as adding faucets, a showerhead, and drain in the open or even use a portable shower device. However, the ideal outside shower is an enclosed area with privacy and atmosphere. You can use plants, cedar planks or screens to create a private area. Add shelving and other amenities to store your shower essentials.

Once you have an outside shower, you will wonder how you ever lived without one. It is an addition to your home that is both luxurious and very useful.