Popular Choices in Kitchen Sinks

The type of sink you purchase can entirely change the look of your kitchen. The choices available today are as varied as a person’s individual style. Many choices exist in shape, size and materials, including stainless steel, enameled steel, enameled cast iron, fireclay, or vitreous (glassy) china, solid surfaces and composites. Some have more durability and easier cleanup, versus an older-world traditional feel. Sinks to choose from can be self-rimming, rimmed, flush-mounted or under-mounted, and with or without an apron front. The under-mounted sinks are gaining in popularity because of the ease in simply wiping off counters into the sink bowls. Today, you can have varying sizes of sink bowls, one large bowl, two bowls side-by-side of equivalent size, or one large bowl with a smaller bowl, one of which may be connected to a garbage disposal.

Your choice may depend on the size of your family, how many hands do the cooking and preparation, and your practical preferences. Regardless of the type of kitchen sink you choose, consider going with a name brand. Such leading manufacturers tend to be more focused on the quality of their workmanship. Having established a reputation for attention to detail, they are more “consumer conscious.” Furthermore, they also will carry the most current trends.

It may be wise to seek professional help in narrowing down your options because, if you invest in a sink fabricated from high-quality materials, it can have quite a long lifespan; you’ll want to make sure that it not only meets the needs of you and your family, but that you actually love the look. Your local plumbing professional should be able to guide you through the myriad of selections,  help you choose the kitchen sink that is exactly right for you, and professionally install the sink for years of trouble free service.