Choosing a New Kitchen Sink for Your Granite Countertop

If you are shopping for a new kitchen sink for a granite countertop, a myriad of designs, shapes and sizes, colors and materials await your choosing. The options are almost limitless but there is more to consider than just artistic compatibility or whether it is aesthetically pleasing. Of course, you are concerned about matching that granite countertop but how about which sinks are scratch or stain resistant? Which sinks will last longer, chip or crack?

Style, price and durability should all be considered in purchasing your new sink. Stainless steel remains the most popular and today comes in a great array of shapes and styles. However, regardless of configuration, it would probably not blend well with the granite countertops. On the other hand, today you can purchase a sink made of granite composite which is the most durable sink on the market. Manufactured with extremely high-density rock particles on the surface, they are superior in scratch, heat to 535 degrees, and chip resistance. They come in many different colors and configurations; one will certainly complement your granite countertops. Granite composite sinks are typically installed as undermounts, which is the most requested by homeowners with granite countertops. Undermounted sinks not only look better but make cleaning easier.

Your local plumbing professional can help in narrowing down your options and guide you through the vast amount of selections, in choosing the kitchen sink that is right for your lifestyle, your home space requirements, and your existing plumbing and cabinetry restrictions.Installing a sink fabricated from high-quality materials means you’ll live with that sink for a long time.