New Trends in Kitchen Sinks

Design trends come and go, even for elemental fixtures like the kitchen sink. If you are bored with your old stainless sink, maybe it is time for a makeover. Some of the new options can add higher functionality along with some classic charm to give your kitchen a new look. Here are some of the more popular design trends in kitchen sinks for 2016.

  • Apron sinks. One of the hottest comebacks in kitchen sinks is the classic apron sinks. These resemble the farmhouse-style sink from years gone by, often made of porcelain or copper with a deep basin. These can be freestanding or incorporated with installed under a counter and offer a large sink with easy cleanup.
  • Marble or quartz integrated sinks. Instead of adding a sink to your countertop, many new stone countertops come with integrated sinks. Marble and quartz countertops can be designed with a sink, making a seamless transition for a flawless surface without interruption.
  • Prep sinks. Are you looking for function over fashion? Adding a prep sink to your kitchen can make cooking those gourmet meals a breeze. These utility sinks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and make it convenient for cooking and cleanup. Often these sinks are installed on kitchen islands for easy prep work or next to stoves for easy filling of your stockpots.

Ready to transform your kitchen with a new version of the standard kitchen sink? Check out all the newest options in both styles and materials. Talk to your local plumber to have your new sink installed correctly from the beginning and enjoy the look and functionality that these trendy sinks can bring to your kitchen.

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