3 Ways to Maintain Your Sewer Lines

You probably don’t think much about your sewer lines. Those large pipes that transport waste and used water from your home quietly do their job year after year, often with no care at all. But if they do have a problem, it can be a messy, expensive issue. There are ways you can maintain your sewer lines and help avoid sewer backups and emergencies. Here are three ways to maintain your sewer lines and keep them working like they should.

  1. Watch what you put down your drains. Sewer line clogs don’t usually happen overnight. It is months, even years, of fats, grease, hair and other items that go down the drain that accumulate in the pipes. Use hair traps in your bathroom drains, don’t dump grease down the sink and don’t flush down non-biodegradable items. Have clogged drains repaired by a plumber before your pipes are permanently affected.
  2. Protect your sewer lines from damage. Driving over sewer lines can cause damage. Make sure you know where they are in your yard. Also, tree roots pose a risk to sewer lines. Plant trees away from sewer lines to avoid root infestation that can break your pipes.
  3. Routinely clean your sewer lines. Your local sewer/septic service can clear your sewer lines of sludge to avoid clogs. Schedule routine cleanings using hydro-jetting to remove tree roots and accumulated debris in your sewer lines.

Just doing a few maintenance tasks can go a long way in protecting your sewer lines. You can also have your sewer lines inspected with a digital camera to proactively repair problems before you have a backup. With some care, you can avoid many sewer line problems and the possibility of a sewer line emergency.

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