Signs it is Time to Replace Your Plumbing

Some things are easy to see when they need replacing in your home. Carpet that is worn or an air conditioner that no longer cools the air is simple to identify as needing replacement. Plumbing is not as straight-forward; pipes can corrode, and other issues can occur behind walls and under the ground that cannot be seen. Knowing the signs of plumbing issues can alert you to when your plumbing may need replacement to protect your health and the investment in your home.

Changes in Your Water

One of the signs of old plumbing that may need replacement is changes in your water. If you have well water, you may have some discoloration or odors in the water, usually when your filtration system needs updating. But in most cases, water should be clear and odorless. When you start noticing changes, like darker water or odors, there could be an issue in your pipes. There could be rust, bacteria and other issues in the plumbing that are causing the changes to your water, signs that the pipes might need replacement.

Water Leaks

A drip in your faucet doesn’t mean you need to replace your plumbing, maybe just a washer or the fixture. However, leaks occurring in pipes in your home or underground are signs of problems. Water stains on walls or ceilings, damp areas in the lawn or rotting floor boards can alert you to leaks and possible pipes that need replacement.

Plumbing can last for decades, but it does eventually need replacement. If you notice changes in your water or your home that are signs of plumbing issues, call your local plumber to have your plumbing inspected.

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