Signs Your Water Fixtures Need Replacement

Does your kitchen still have the sink and faucet it had when you bought your home? Are your bathroom sinks and showers looking outdated? Unless you recently remodeled or your home is only a few years old, it is likely your sinks, faucets and showerheads will soon show wear and need replacement. You may not notice the issues since you see them every day, but it may be time to inspect your water fixtures and determine whether it is time for replacement.

Faucets Leaks and Drips

Does your bathroom or kitchen sink faucet drip or leak? Do you hear drips in your shower or tub into the middle of the night? Repair is one option, but sometime old hardware wears out, making it difficult to completely stop leaks on old faucets. It may be better to replace the entire faucet versus another repair.

Sink Surface Damage

If enamel is chipped or the metal is dented in your sinks, it is time to update and replace them with newer versions. These surfaces can last for many years, but eventually they do become worn and can detract from the beauty of your home.

Outdated Styles

There are so many new options for your bathroom and kitchen water fixtures. Just updating your kitchen sink can change the look of the room and many new faucet options offer better function and convenience. The same is true of your bathroom – new faucets and showerheads can improve the style and there are water-efficient options to reduce waste.

When you are ready to replace your kitchen and bathroom water fixtures, contact your local plumber. They can install your new fixtures to ensure they will be properly fitted and endure for many years to come.

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