Is Leaking Plumbing Inviting Pests into Your Home?

Most people want to keep their homes free from pests, but plumbing problems can be inviting them inside. Ants, mice, rats and many types of insects are drawn to moisture, seeking places that are damp to make their home. If you have leaking pipes in your crawl space, basement or other areas in your home, there is a good chance that pests are trying to invade. Fixing those plumbing issues can help minimize mold and water damage, as well as minimize the attraction to pests.

Small Leaks Can Create a Big Pest Problem

It doesn’t take a broken pipe or large leak to attract pests. A small amount of condensation or slow drip is enough to create a moist environment that cockroaches, mice, termites and other types of pests, love. These leaks can be happening in inconspicuous places but could be at the root of your pest problem. Here are a few common leak areas:

  • Around water heaters
  • Under your home in crawl spaces
  • In your basement
  • Under sinks
  • Behind walls and under floors
  • Around appliances with water hook-ups

Look for mold, mildew, water stains or rotting wood; these are signs of too much moisture that may be derived from plumbing leaks. Not only does it damage your home and cause possible health issues, it puts out an invitation to pests to make your home their home.

If you have a pest problem, look for possible plumbing leaks that can be making the issue worse. Call your local plumber to have these issues fixed to help make your home less attractive to insects and rodents, as well as prevent further damage to your home.

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