What to Do About a Stinky Kitchen Sink

Have you ever had a bad odor in your kitchen, but you are not sure where it is coming from? You take out the garbage, look for spoiled food in the fridge and spray disinfectant, but the odor still hits you from time to time. Often, that stinky smell is not in your garbage or refrigerator, but in your sink. All the food particles that go down the drain don’t always make it out of the plumbing. You can have rotting food in your pipes or garage disposal, causing a nasty smell in your kitchen. Here are some tips to freshen your kitchen drains and get rid of the stinky odor.

  • Clean your garage disposal. Often it is not your drain, but your garbage disposal, that is the source of the smell. To avoid kitchen sink stink, put about two cups of ice and a cup of salt down the drain and run the water while turning on the disposal until the ice is gone. Do this once a week to clean out any debris.
  • Cleanse your drain. The curvy pipes under your kitchen sink are often where food particles get stuck, creating a bad odor. Cleanse the drain with a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar once a week. Let this mixture do its job for at least ten minutes, then rinse it clean with boiling water.
  • Add a little fresh scent. To deodorize after cleaning, you can put some very small lemon or orange rinds down the garage disposal and grind them up to add a pleasant odor.

Sometimes, the bad smell is more than just a few pieces of rotting food under your sink. If cleansing your disposal and drain does not eliminate the odor, call your plumber. You may have a bigger problem, like a larger clog or sewage backup that will only get worse and cause more than just an odor if not fixed soon.

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