How to Find Your Water Shut-Off Valve

If you had a burst water pipe gushing water into your home, would you know how to shut off the water quickly? Every homeowner – and even renter – should know how they can stop the water flow in their house in an emergency. In less than a half an hour, hundreds of gallons of water could be in your home, causing extensive damage to your belongings and house. Here is how to find the water shut-off valve in your home to prepare you in case of a plumbing emergency.

First, you should know there may be several water shut-off valves in your home. Each sink may have its own valve under the sink so you can stop water flowing to the sink while replacing fixtures. Your toilets may also have their own valves – if your toilet is continuing to run and overflow or a sink’s faucet springs a leak, you can shut off the water right at the source.

However, if a pipe bursts in a wall, you want to shut off all water to the home. This is the main shut-off valve to the home. This will stop all water coming into your home from your city water line or your well. This valve is typically located wherever the main water line comes into the home. It may be under the home in a crawl space or basement, but should be easy to reach. It can also be in a garage or by the water heater in homes without crawl spaces or basements.

It is important to know where your shut-off valves are located. If a plumbing emergency occurs, turn off the water and call your local plumber to avoid any unnecessary damage to your home and property.

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