Top 3 Things That Clog Your Drains

Clogged drains are the most common plumbing problem that occur. While many clogs can be quickly removed with a plunger or snake device, not all are so simple to release. Even if most of a clog is cleared, residue can be left to start building a new barrier in your pipes. Knowing the common items that cause clogs and keeping them out of your drains can help prevent these annoying plumbing problems. Here are the top three things that can clog your drains.

  1. Fats and grease. The leftover fat in a pan after cooking may be in liquid form when you pour it down the drain, but it doesn’t stay that way. The grease coats the inside of your pipes and congeals as it become colder. This thick lard grabs food debris and other items that go down the drain, creating a solid clog. Avoid allowing grease to go down your drains by wiping out oil and fat from pans and dishes before you rinse them in the sink.
  2. Hair. In the shower, bathtub and bathroom sink, hair combined with soap is a major cause of clogs in drains. This is easily remedied; a good drain strainer will catch hair and can be cleaned out and thrown away to avoid clogs.
  3. Coffee grounds and hard food items. Even if you have a garbage disposal, hard food items can get lodged in your pipes and make a formative clog. Coffee grounds should not be dumped down the drain; they can create a solid wall in your pipes. Also avoid hard food items like egg shells and tough produce peels.

Some other common culprits of clogged drains are feminine hygiene products, cotton balls/swabs and “flushable” wipes. If you have a tough clog that won’t let go or keeps recurring, call your local plumber. They can completely clear a clog and the leftover residue.

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