How to Keep Your Drains Clog-Free

Drain clogs are the most common problem in plumbing. The substances that go down the drain do not always make it through the piping, getting caught inside. Clogs are usually an accumulation of debris that congeals and creates a blockage. Hair, soap, grease and food debris are common clogging factors. To avoid the cost of professional drain cleaning, there are a few preventive measures you can take. Here are some tips.

Use Liquid Soap

Many people prefer bar soap, but it can lead to problems in your plumbing. Bar soap is made from fats that turn into a solid. The small pieces of soap and even the foam can build up in your plumbing, attracting hair and other debris to form a clog. Liquid soap is less likely to create a clog, since it will not revert to a solid.

Add Drain Catchers

Keep hair, soap pieces and other small items out of your drains with a drain catcher. These are especially needed in your bathroom drains. Hair is the biggest issue in these drains, both human and pet hair. Make sure to keep a drain catcher in your tub, shower and bathroom sink to prevent hair and other debris from going down into your pipes.

Do Not Over Use Your Garage Disposal

Garbage disposals can breakdown food and keep smelly items out of your garbage. However, overusing your disposal can lead to drain clogs. Garbage disposals are not meant to grind up all foods. Keep tough peelings from produce out of your disposal. Also, avoid egg shells, coffee grounds and fats from foods, all which can create drain clogs.

Making an effort to keep clogging elements out of your drains can prevent many drain problems. However, when a clog does occur, make sure to have it completely removed by a professional plumber to keep your drains flowing.

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