3 Tips to Improve Your Plumbing and Shower

Showers can do a number on your plumbing and creating other problems. They are notorious for causing clogs in drains and pipes, and long showers can quickly empty your water heater, leaving the rest of your home with cold water and increasing your energy bill. By making a few changes, you can improve how your shower impacts the rest of your home. Here are three tips to make your shower hot water and plumbing-friendly.

  1. Drain Cover. Every time you take a shower, it is likely you are losing hair that is flushing down the drain. Whether you have short or long hair, those strands can add to existing clogs occurring in your pipes. Add a drain cover to catch hair and other debris from going down the drain and reduce the chance of clogs.
  2. Liquid soap. Did you know that most bar soap is made from fats that congeals and can cause clogs in your plumbing? Even when it is lathered up, the residue causes soap scum on your tub and shower walls. Small pieces can go down the drain and contribute to clogs. Switch to liquid body soap for a cleaner tub and less chance of clogs.
  3. Tankless water heater. Do you run out of hot water in your home at shower time? Switch to a tankless water heater to have on-demand hot water and reduce energy bills with more efficient water heating. Talk to your plumber about the option of installing a tankless water heater.

A few changes can help reduce the chance of clogs in your plumbing and hot water issues from your shower. Follow these tips and enjoy your shower, for as long as you want, without worrying about running out of hot water or having clogs.

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