Unclogging a Toilet

The last thing anyone wants to deal with in their home is a clogged toilet. The prospect of digging around to find the cause of the clog is not a pleasant thought. However, to avoid a worse outcome, like an overflowing bowl, it must be dealt with immediately.

Do not pour chemicals into your toilet. They are mostly meant for sink drains.  You do not want corrosive materials in your bowl if they do not clear the clog.

The obvious first step is always plunging. Most of the time plunging the bowl will clear the drain. Be sure to position the plunger completely over the toilet drain and plunge a few times to loosen the clog. A plunger with an extension flange on the end is the most effective and is designed specifically for toilets. Keep the seal of the plunger for several plunges while you try to clear the clog.

If plunging doesn’t work, a toilet snake may be necessary.  A toilet snake is a long metal coil that is inserted into the toilet. It has a corkscrew tip that is meant to snag onto the clog as it is twisted and grab the material that is causing the blockage. Most clogs occur after the first bend of he toilet so it won’t go far into the drain line.

If neither of these tools clears the clog, it may be necessary to call in the experts.  An experienced plumber can clear clogs quickly and they have the tools for even the worst blockages. Most plumbers have emergency services, so they can be reached at any time should you have the need.  There is nothing worse than a clogged toilet in a one bathroom home!

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