Why Boilers Are Still a Great Heating Option for Your Home

In recent years, many of the newer homes are built with HVAC systems or furnaces versus boilers. However, there are many benefits having a boiler system for heating your home. Boilers use radiant heat, which many people find a more comfortable, even heat than forced air. They also help control humidity levels during the dry, cold months in some regions. Here are a few reasons that boilers continue to be a great option for heating your home.

  • Energy efficiency. Boilers are usually more energy efficient than many furnaces. Many people save hundreds of dollars in energy costs heating their home using a boiler over a furnace.
  • Cleaner air. One of the biggest advantages of a boiler over a forced air system is air quality. HVAC systems require filters to clean the air but mold, dust and allergens are still prevalent. Boilers help maintain a cleaner home, with less problems for allergy sufferers and those with respiratory issues.
  • Space savings. Those with smaller homes appreciate the compact heating elements of a boiler system.
  • Zoning. Heating zones in your home is easier with a boiler system, one of the reasons that boilers are more energy efficient.
  • Quiet operation. With boilers, the operation is silent. No blowers will turn on and off, offering a quiet home environment.

If you are replacing your furnace, you may want to consider switching to a boiler system for your home. The energy efficiency along with the many other advantages may make it worth the investment. Talk to your local plumber that offers boiler installations for more information on the benefits of using a boiler for your home heating needs.

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