Is it Time for a New Boiler?

As fall begins, it is time to consider whether you are prepared for winter. If your home uses a boiler, the last thing you want is for your boiler to breakdown in the middle of winter.  Although you may not want to think about the expense of replacing your boiler, it is better to be proactive than reactive. Here are a few signs it may be time to talk to your local plumber about a new boiler installation:

  • Your boiler is at least 10 years old. While age alone is not necessarily reason to replace a boiler, once a boiler is past a decade old, you should be on the alert for signs of failure.
  • Water temperature issues. Is your water not getting hot enough or only getting hot when the heat is on? These can be signs of issues with your boiler.
  • Home heating issues. Did you have issues last winter getting your home warm? Older boilers can lose efficiency, using more energy yet not heating properly.
  • Strange noises. If your boiler is talking to you, banging, hissing or popping, it may be time to listen and call your local plumber.
  • Leaks. Even a small leak is a sign of trouble in your boiler. Call in a plumber at the first sign of leaking.

Although a new boiler installation is a hefty expense, you may be surprised how much in energy costs it can save you. Many older boilers are running at 70% lower efficiency than newer models, so your new boiler may make a large difference in your monthly utility costs. Schedule a boiler inspection this fall with your local plumber to get a better idea of whether you should start saving for a new boiler.

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