4 Causes of Shower Problems

When your showerhead only gives a trickle of water or water is slow to go down the drain, your shower may be difficult to use. Since most people use their shower every day, you want to find the issue and get it fixed as quickly as possible. There are a few common causes of water pressure, leaks or drain clogs that can help you identify problems and avoid issues in the future.

  1. Hair clogs. One of the most common issues in showers is hair clogs. Everyone loses hair, especially when in the shower. You or a plumber can remove the clog with a snake, but to prevent further clogs, add a drain strainer.
  2. Switch from bar soap. Clogs are more likely when you use bar soaps that are made from solidified fats. The soap can buildup in the drain and can also leave more residue on your shower walls, making it more work to keep your shower clean. Liquid body soap can be a better option.
  3. Low water pressure. If you only have a trickle coming from your showerhead, it could be simply that there is mineral residue clogging the showerhead. Cleaning the aerator can often fix this issue.
  4. Leaks. If your showerhead or faucets drip or leak, they may need a new washer, or the fixture may need replacement. These are minor leaks that can be fixed quickly by a knowledgeable bathroom repair plumber.

Most shower issues are quick to fix and can often be done by a handy homeowner. However, if you have major leaks or a backup caused by draining problems, you want to call a plumber to handle these larger shower issues.

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